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Belts pole

The belts are made in two different leathers:

Italian Hide - an oiled full grain hide.
    This tends to be a slightly softer and less firm belt.
    Available in both Black and Havana.
    1"    £47.99
    1.25"    £49.99
    1.5"    £53.99

Baker's Bridle Hide - tanned for us by Bakers, Devon.
    Using a traditional method of vegetable tannage, a mixture of mimosa, mryrabolam and
    chestnut. The result is a renown first class leather.
    This waxed hide is slightly firmer to start but softens with age and wear.
    Available in Black, Ox Blood and Dark Stain (a mid to dark brown).
    1"   £73.99
    1.25"   £75.99
    1.5"   £77.99

All belts are fitted with solid brass buckles in either the polished brass finish or with a nickel plating and come supplied with an extra leather keeper.

Sizing: All belts are measured to the middle of 5 holes so allowing for adjustment in either direction. For example if you take size 34" jeans order from us a size 34" belt which will allow for adjustment both smaller and larger. We stock all sizes up to a 44" waist

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